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Spirulina contains the amino acid phenylalanine that stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin that helps to suppress appetite.* Four tablets of Wesvyg Spirulina daily suppress your appetite and that is without affecting your body muscles & energy level, hence do a great help in weight loss.

Deficiency of a protein called RbAp48 in the hippocampus appears to significantly contribute to the memory loss, said study co-author Dr. Scott Small, director of the ADRC, Columbia university. This memory loss might affect academics performance in children.

Due to having a highly rich in protein (60-70)% per serving & an excellent source of omega-3 fats, Researchers found that Wesvyg Spirulina not only help in increase memory but safeguard against toxicity, stress, and degeneration in the brain also.

By fulfilling the body needs of protein, antioxidants & other required elements Wesvyg Spirulina prevents from deficiency disorders like lack of memory, physical & mental fatigue.

4 tablets of Wesvyg Spirulina daily build up muscles power to provide strong bones & teeth. It also strengthen neurons to help developing sharp brain. It also helps in increasing height & improving health…

Comparison of Spirulina with Other Foods

1 kg Wesvyg Spirulina = 1000Kg Assorted Vegetables


>>It has 2 times more protein than Soya.

>>3 times more protein than milk.

>>4 times more protein than red meat.

>>5 times more protein than an egg.


>>26 times more calcium than milk.

Hair follicles are made of mostly protein, thus taking adequate protein is important for hair growth and Wesvyg Spirulina provides 60-70% protein per serving.

Spirulina was used to treat those suffering from radiation sickness after the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. 50 percent radioactivity level reduction has been seen in children in 20 days of dosing them with five grams of Spirulina a day. Thus,  Spirulina may protect you from ionizing and non-ionizing radiation both, produced by Radio, Mobile, TV signals, Microwaves, laser light, X-rays and gamma rays. Isn’t great? 

4 Tablets a day of Wesvyg Spirulina can help boost endurance and stamina, both important factors when it comes to performance in the bedroom. More specifically, it can assist in preventing muscle fatigue caused by oxidative damage.

Yes! It works as a neuroprotector, hence the regular dose of Wesvyg Spirulina protects you from diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & schizophrenia.


Men have two androgens: testosterone and DHT. In a male adolescent, DHT is critical in the development of male sexual organs. However, over time, DHT accumulates in the prostate as well as in the hair follicles. If a man goes bald, it doesn’t mean that his hair follicles are dead, they are just dormant. This is due to the action of DHT. Flax seeds bind to DHT and over the time, the DHT levels can drop and hair may start to grow back.

Usually our body produces fatty acids but ALA known as Alpha-linolenic acid is one of the most essential fatty acids which are to be obtained from the food we eat. ALA is not produced by our body.
On an average of 27 studies where more than 2,50,000 people were involved found that ALA was linked to heart disease with 14% of lower risk. It was conclude by many studies that those who ate more ALA had a lower risk of heart attack than those who ate or consumed less.
To obtain ALA, Wesvyg flax seeds is a great source as it is plant-based omega 3 fatty acid.

As according to a Canadian study of more than 6,000 women, those who eat flax seeds are 18% less likely to develop breast cancer.

A study of menopausal women, published in 2007, reported that 2 tablespoons of ground/ roasted flaxseed twice a day cut their hot flashes in 50% along with other menopausal symptoms. Moreover, the intensity of their hot flashes also dropped by 57%. You will notice a significant difference after taking daily Wesvyg flaxseed within few weeks. Isn’t great!

Beta-carotene in pumpkin seeds helps protect us from the sun’s UV rays that are responsible for skin-wrinkles. A natural Pumpkin face mask can also apply for glowing and smooth skin.

Potassium is a key nutrient in helping building muscle and fueling muscular energy.

This means eating pumpkin before a workout may beneficial to give muscles an energy boost and also important after a workout to rebuild muscles and get optimum results.

Although pumpkin is rich in potassium, in moderation it can be beneficial for your overall health including kidneys. Pumpkin is packed with all nutritional benefits that are good for the renal diet including fiber, Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

100% Gluten Free

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100% Vegan (dairy free)